Anni Vahlqvist

About me
(Suomenkielinen CV:tästä)

I'm visual artist. I work mainly with watercolors and oil paints. My special skills include digital art and I am curious to try new technologies such as augmented reality (AR). My art deals with everyday things in a fictional environment. I often get my subject from my dreams. I'm hiding messages as well as small-scale incidents that turn the normal layout completely overhead. I use strong lines, a cartoonish style that I mix with abstract softness.

Please notice: This is only my artist CV.

Social media:
instagram taide
instagram valokuvat

Education (only art educations)

University of Turku, (in progress 2022)
University of Lapin Yliopisto (in progress 2023)

University of the Arts, Taideyliopiston Pyörre - Taiteen vapaan kentän johtaminen ja projektinhallinta. Leadership and project management for independent art professionals, Helsinki
Solution-focused Art therapy supervisor
Turku University of Applied Sciences, Master of culture and Arts (YAMK)
Pori Art School, Visual Arts
Bachelor of engineering (AMK)

Additional Art aducation:
University of the Arts, Basics of pedagogical activity in children's and youth's hobby activities
Word-based art methods, Satasairaala
Business Design, HAMK
Watercolor painting, Otsola
Cartoon Techniques, Kansalaisopisto
Graphics and etching, Kansalaisopisto
KUM, drawing and painting, advanced materials: Uotilanrinne high school
KUI, image expression: Uotilarinne high school

Solo exhibitions (selected)

2023 Art exhibition "Ristiriita" Gallery Kui?, Ulvila
2022 NTF, charity auction "Long live Ukraine!",Dotlab Ukrainian Aid Open Call -lab.
2022 Artist in Residence for Culturally "Abstract 2022" Hanbell Gallery, Culturally Arts
2022 Art exhibition "Artist of the Month" Pori Loan Office
2021 Art exhibition "Panderaama",(AR-augmented reality)
2019 Art exhibition "digileaks!" SAMK Pori Campus, Art Corridor
2018 Art exhibition "Sadat tarinat" Pomarkku Municipality
2012 Art exhibition "Jotain aivan muuta" Art Café Tower
2011 Art exhibition "SOMNIA & ANSOMNIA" Art Café Tower
2010 Art exhibition "Jalat irti maasta" Eurajoki Art and Culture House Voltti
2010 Art exhibition "Esiin kaivattua" Art Café Tower
2009 Art exhibition "Unikuvia" Rauma Culture and Leisure Center Lobby Gallery

Group exhibitions and collective exhibitions (selected)

2023 Group exhibition ”Art Fair” , Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, Rance
2022 Group exhibition ”Floral”, Grey Cube gallery, United States, Texas, online
2022 Group exhibition ”Humanish II”, The Holyart gallery, Chios Greece
2022 Group exhibition ”Athens Open Call”, Artnumber23 gallery, Athens Greece
2022 Group exhibition ”Woman only”, Brouhahaart, Bangkok, online
2022 Group exhibition ”Gap 2022” Gallerium Art Prize, Canada
2022 Group exhibition ”Dream Living” Miloska Center for exhibitions of Culturally Arts Collective
2022 Group exhibition ”5th abstract” Art show international gallery
2022 Group exhibition ”Anything” GAllery ring, online
2022 Group exhibition ”abstract” art room gallery online
2022 Group exhibition ”3rd Still life” Art show international gallery, Los angeles, USA
2022 Group exhibition ”All Woman artist” Compemporary art gallery online, Delaware,USA
2022 Group exhibition ”The Unseen” The holy art gallery, London
2022 Group exhibition ”ICON” Boomer gallery, London
2022 Group exhibition ”13th Annual Abstracts” Light Space & Time, online gallery, California, USA
2022 Group exhibition "Yhdistys" Eura Library Gallery
2021 Group exhibition”Talvisalonki” Pori P-galleria
2021 Sales exhibition ”Rauman Kuvataiteenpäivä” Rauma Art Museum
2021 Group exhibition ”Poikkeusaika - taiteesta voimaa” P-Galleria
2019 Group exhibition "kierrätystaidenäyttely" Luontotalo Arkki, Pori
2017 Group exhibition ”Kaks kaikkea” with Esa Halminen, Rauma
2015 Group exhibition ”Valokuvanäyttely” Inspira Ry
2014 Group exhibition ”Messu pop Up” follow-up exhibition Turku Book Fair
2014 Group exhibition ”Taiteilijoiden Rauma” Turku Book Fair
2012 Sales exhibition ”Ilon ja Valon Satakunta” Sales exhibition for professional artists
2010 Group exhibition ”Villisti tuunattua” Art and Culture House Voltti
2010 Group exhibition "Kesänäyttely" Inspira Ry's judged art exhibition
2010 Group exhibition "Salainen puutarha" Nokan Torppa
2010 Group exhibition ”Kevään valo” Inspira Ry's judged art exhibition
2007 Group exhibition "Avoin kaikille" Rauma Art Museum


Solution-focused art therapist ry - Member
Pori Artist' Association ry - Member
Inspira Ry - Member
Rauman seudun sarjakuvittajat, Rausku - Member
Taiteilijoiden Rauma - Member
Rauma International Artist Guest Program Raumars Ry, Operational Inspector 2015-


Talent prize award 2022 "Conflict" International juried art competition, Art show international gallery, USA

Honorable Mention 2022 "Global Warming" Gallery Ring online, "Anything"

Honorable Mention 2022 "Springmind" Art room gallery online, "Abstract"

Finalist Award 2022 "Flowers" Art Show international gallery 3rd Still Life competition, USA

Merit Prize 2022 “global warming” Light Space and Time gallery, Lontoo

AVEK, Kopiosto 2021 Grant: Multidisciplinary service concept to promote well-being at work. (Work group)

Grant for organizing an art exhibition and making one's own studio: Ulvila Municipality, 2018

Ifolor: Picture Book of the Year 2017 final

Ifolor: Picture Book of the Year 2016

Metsähallitus: The national parks photo competition is an honorable mention

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences competition: Comic book competition 1 prize

International Fine Art Competition: Organized by Symantec, 5th place (prize place)

Finnish Celiac Association competition: Celiac Disease of the Year 1 award (drawing work) in the Finnish Celiac Association competition

Scholarship Kordelin Foundation 2008: for artistic work and organizing one's own exhibition

Scholarships; 3rd year of trade and administration - 2002

Scholarship for visual arts; 3rd year of trade and administration –2002

Scholarship for visual arts; Upper secondary school, 3 academic years

Scholarship for visual arts; Upper secondary school, 2 academic years

Diploma in International Writing Competition; Upper secondary school 1 academic year; By category

Scholarship for visual arts; Hammer Primary School, 6th grade

Honorary Diploma; Cooperative bank drawing competition


Luova -Luovin menetelmien kohti osallisuutta 2022 (Porin Sininauha ry)
Taideresidenssiopas, 2021. ISBN: 979-8473582185
PIHLA - Adult Coloring Book, 2021, ISBN: 979-8733282206
Adult Coloring Book VOL 2, 2019, ISBN: 9781096143192
Aikuisten värityskirja, 2015, ISBN: 0011765089 SOLD OUT